Understanding Dyslexia Benefits


Though it is commonly considered a learning impairment, there are benefits to dyslexia. Dyslexic individuals have many intellectual and emotional strengths, despite their weakness in the phonological area.  The phonological area includeds understanding the connections between letters, sounds and words.


Understanding their strengths and weaknesses helps them thrive as they learn and grow. Remember, many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies have dyslexia!


Scientists have found differences in the brains of dyslexic kids that result in specialized areas of the brain. Children with dyslexia are often good at:


  • Seeing connections and the big picture
  • Storytelling or reporting events
  • Seeing patterns
  • Deductive reasoning

In the classroom, they can demonstrate strengths like the ability to quickly make connections, show empathy, and contribute to discussions. You may be surprised to learn that they may have extraordinary verbal skills including highly developed vocabulary. They typically use their strengths to compensate for weaknesses. Understanding dyslexia benefits can help inform your child’s education team how to create positive academic experiences.

Dyslexia Benefits

Dyslexia Benefits and Challenges

Core Challenges of Dyslexia


One big challenge is the big gap between how dyslexics learn and the traditional educational approach popular in many schools. Rote skills (memorization based on hearing and seeing words) are quite hard for dyslexics to master. School performance can be inconsistent. This might look like a lack of effort and desire to achieve.


It’s important that your child’s dyslexia is incorporated into his or her IEP. Integrating goals and approaches that will work with your child’s exceptionality will ensure that he or she does not fall behind peers.


There’s So Much More


Dyslexia is complex. Children with dyslexia need extra support and targeted remediation. Before you talk to their teachers about dyslexia benefits and challenges, get prepared. Know what to say and how to say it with ExceptionALLY. Get prepared and log-in now – it’s free!




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