An Introduction to Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)


IEPs can extend beyond academic assessment and support. Is your child’s behavior challenging? Are you unsure what to do next to help them meet expectations? Does this behavior prevent effective learning for your child or classmates?


There is a way your school can help you address challenging behaviors that disrupt your home and prevent your child or other children from learning at school.


A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a process that identifies and analyzes why specific problem behaviors occur. FBAs can accompany other IEP evaluations, such as those included in the psychoeducational evaluation. An FBA is often recommended for students whose behavior makes learning difficult for themselves or others.

IEP Evaluation Tests

IEP Evaluation Tests

Examples of these behaviors can range from aggression to emotional instability. During this process, professionals gather data on the problem behavior(s) to decide the function behind the behavior. In other words, they attempt to answer, “WHY does the child do this?” It may be something like sensory sensitivity, or it could be an entirely different trigger.


Answering this question helps unlock possible solutions, which can then factor into IEPs. These types of IEP Evaluation tests can provide a deeper understanding of your child’s education barriers.


How FBAs Work with IEP Evaluations


A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is created to provide more support and monitoring. This decreases problem behaviors that impact the learning of the student or other students. A BIP becomes a part of IEPs, and it will include replacement strategies for target behaviors, specific goals to decrease problem behaviors, and systematic supports to achieve success. It is very important to monitor and revisit BIPs when behaviors change, along with the regular revisit of IEPs as well.


So… Is This Good for My Child, or Not?


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