Do you want to identify which types of supports your child needs most?


ExceptionALLY is pleased to partner with Mindprint Learning.


Whether your child hasn’t yet had a psycho-educational assessment, or you want a reliable “2nd opinion,” Mindprint’s at-home, online assessment provides you the objective data you need to ensure your child is getting the supports to succeed.


All registered ExceptionALLY users can receive $70 off Mindprint’s annual subscription price of $149. Register today for your unique coupon code.

How Mindprint and ExceptionALLY Work Together



Step #1: Assessment


Evaluation of Cognitive Strengths and Needs
  • Online screener completed in an hour
  • Developed by neuroscientists at Penn Medicine and NIH
  • Measures complex reasoning, memory, processing speed and executive functions, including attention



Step #2: Learner Profile


Insights into Strengths & Needs
  • Results in 5 business days
  • Objective data than can be used to determine eligibility for services
  • Understand why strengths and needs might be impacting academic performance



Step #3: Action


Evidenced-based Personalized Learning Plans
  • Specific instructional strategies by academic subject
  • Efficiency strategies for homework
  • Social-emotional skills, including growth mindset and metacognition


Support from Exception-ALLY
  • Guidance to integrate results into IEPs/504
  • Understand where your child will qualify for supports
  • Determine which experts can provide the most help for your child



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