Mindprint Assessment

Want to understand your child’s unique brain?

ExceptionALLY is pleased to partner with Mindprint Learning to offer parents an online, at-home assessment. You’ll receive information about your child’s unique skills in complex reasoning, memory, processing speed and executive functions like attention.


You will also receive a learner profile. It will explain how your child’s strengths and needs might be impacting their performance at school. In addition, you’ll get support in social-emotional skills like growth mindset and metacognition.


Whether your child hasn’t yet had a psycho-educational assessment, or you want a reliable “2nd opinion,” Mindprint’s at-home, online assessment provides you the objective data you need to ensure your child is getting the supports to succeed.


Registered ExceptionALLY users receive a significant discount for Mindprint Learning assessments. Log in today to receive yours!

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