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Who Is On the IEP Team?

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Every official IEP meeting must include a full IEP team. IDEA (the Individuals with Education Act) describes who must be present. IDEA (at §300.321) describes the IEP team as including…

The Secret to Great Goals

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Time to Get Smart   Whether your child has an IEP or a 504, you have goals you want them to achieve at school. While 504 plans don’t have specific…

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How to Find a Special Education Advocate

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You don’t have to face your child’s IEP team alone. Many parents of children in special education programs understand the purpose of a lawyer in the IEP process. If your…

504 Team: Connection and Collaboration

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504 Team: Connection and Collaboration   We’ve talked about conflict with IEP teams, and a 504 plan team is no different. From time to time, the 504 team may have disagreements,…

504 Plan Basics

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504 Plan Basics   Many parents are encouraged to consider 504 plans when their child needs extra support. Often, this leads to questions.   What Exactly Is a 504 Plan?…

Conflict Resolution with 504 Plans

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Conflict Resolution with 504 Plans   If you’re experiencing 504 plan conflicts about how the plan is written or implemented, you have options. Each option requires different things of you when…

Protected: Mindprint Learning

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A Glossary of Special Education Terms

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Special Education Terms Glossary: Volume 1   FAPE. LRE. IDEA. BIP. FBA.   Too many special education terms to memorize? Trying to figure out the difference between an IEP and…

Dysgraphia Strategies in School

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The Root of Dysgraphia: Motor Skill Barriers Why do children with dysgraphia struggle so much with their handwriting? It’s because they lack directional sense and awareness. This is needed for…

ADHD at School: The Impact on Your Child

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The Impact of ADHD at School   ADHD at school can impact learning in many ways, starting with executive functions. Executive Functions are the conductors of the mind/body orchestra. First,…

Support for ADHD in the Classroom

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ADHD Support at School: Strengths & Limitations   Implementing the correct ADHD support in the classroom will help your child achieve his or her educational goals. By federal law, kids…

What Is ADHD? Understanding the Basics

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What is ADHD? Definitions and Details   What is ADHD? Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) appears in 11–15% of school-age children. Over 75% of kids impacted have continued symptoms in adulthood. ADHD…

Stimming and Sensory Challenges: The Difference

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What is “Stimming,” Or Self-Stimulatory Behavior?   Several children have self-stimulatory behavior, also known as stimming or self-stimulation. Most people associate this with children on the autism spectrum, while children…

Autism and the IEP: Therapeutic Approaches in Education

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Approaches to Therapy and Education in Autism     Autism and the IEP: How does Autism fit in? A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) brings about many feelings for…

Autism and Sensory Issues: Related But Not the Same

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Related but Separate: Autism and Sensory Issues   Most people know that Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are two separate diagnoses.  However, autism and sensory issues…

The Impact of a Sensory Disorder in School

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What is Sensory Sensitivity?   Does your child have a sensory disorder? Often times, students with disabilities suffer from sensory sensitivity, which makes functioning in a school setting very difficult….

How to Create Sensory Supports for Your Child at School

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The Importance of Sensory Supports at School   School-based sensory supports are an important part of ensuring success. If your child requires therapeutic responses to sensory triggers, noting these in…

Understanding Types of Sensory Disorders

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Types of Sensory Disorders   There can be many types of sensory triggers, and any one of them might impact your child. Most types of sensory disorders stem from sensitivities related…

Communication Weaknesses and Strengths

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Identifying Communication Weaknesses and Strengths   Oftentimes, children with learning impairments display communication weaknesses. Some may have strengths in certain areas but struggle in others. Understanding common communication weaknesses and…

At-Home Therapuetic Speech And Language Activities

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Speech and Language Activities at Home   If your child struggles with an impairment, it’s important to incorporate speech and language activities into daily life. One of the most important…

The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties

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The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties   Speech and language difficulties can be incredibly frustrating to manage for your child. Imagine knowing the answer to a question but being…