The Impact of Speech and Language Difficulties


Speech and language difficulties can be incredibly frustrating to manage for your child. Imagine knowing the answer to a question but being unable to share your thoughts with those around you. This is a taste of what it feels like to be a child with a language disorder.


The academic impact of a language disorder is most often felt when a child wants to communicate information but can’t. This happens because he or she doesn’t understand the question, can’t recall the needed vocabulary, or struggles to organize the information into a clear sentence.


These kinds of speech and language difficulties could cause your child to avoid participation in class, to avoid uncomfortable moments. Even with at-home supports, the classroom can become a hazardous place to your child.


Speech and Language Difficulties

Speech and Language Difficulties

The Challenge of Regular Classroom Instruction


Because of the limitations of the regular education classroom, the student often feels frustrated when the time to answer runs out – and they are still trying to mentally organize the information. Sometimes, this leads to a child who doesn’t want to participate in classroom discussions and group activities. They start feeling withdrawn and isolated.


A child with different kinds of speech and language difficulties, such as difficulty pronouncing words correctly (articulation disorder), will often exhibit similar withdrawal behaviors in the classroom. These students know that they sound different from their peers. The fear of being ridiculed or teased is often enough to silence them. Academically, they may spell the way that they speak, thus resulting in poor grades. The risks for low self-esteem and increased disengagement from school are high in students with speech and language difficulties.


What Else Should I Consider?


The impacts of speech and language difficulties can be deep and wide. Find supports and get the school team focused on the needs of your child with ExceptionALLY. Log-in today to start your personalized plan.





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